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Want To Start A Mobile Apps Business?

Instant App Wizard provides everything you need and you keep 100% of your sales!

Start Your Mobile Website Business Fast & Easy!

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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting Your Mobile Website Business:

  1. Recession proof business: You can make real money now: 1 in 5 sales is currently made using a mobile application. Despite the current difficult economic trading conditions, 50% of mobile searches result in a sale, and it’s set to grow exponentially
  2. Rising market: The mobile apps market is set to grow to $119 Billion by 2015. Imagine how much money you will be making when the market improves. When the time comes, you’ll be able to command a substantial share of the market as an established player
  3. Low cost/low risk investment – it’s the easiest way to start a business and get selling, requires little or no technical knowledge with our intuitive, user-friendly mobile app template interface
  4. Quick wins – get up and running within 24 hours and start making money instantly with little effort – build a demo mobile app in minutes to show your clients
  5. Make money while you sleep – Mobile App Reseller accounts get paid by their customers monthly so you can earn money automatically while you are not even working.  Once you have a customer they stay a customer.
  6. Secure income now! – get paid by selling repeat monthly mobile applications so you can build your monthly income on a regular basis
  7. Extends your sales opportunity: Spreads the business risk as it’s possible to attack virtually any vertical sector so if one market is slow you’ll find another easily that will pick up the slack
  8. Future-proof your business – you’ll be able to build a loyal client base. Mobile apps for business will help your clients sell more of their products and services, they can quickly see the return on investment, and will come back for more and more
  9. Provides opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell – giving you the confidence that you will be able to generate a future income stream for yourself. The full complement of marketing tools provides ample opportunity to sell clients additional services on a continuous basis such as exhibitions, print and display, customer promotions with our  “write once, send to all” technology
  10. Peace of mind – fully backed up service by world-leading mobile apps development company Instant App Wizard, means you can roll out products with complete confidence as all IT functions, tutorials, and back-up marketing and support services are provided for you and your clients, now and in the future. All businesses need a mobile website and there has never been a better time in history to start your own mobile website business than right now.

Start a Mobile Apps Business

We provide you with all the tools and Marketing Materials you need to successfully build and market your own App business.

  • Design on Windows or Mac OS
  • Text Your Customers Mock ups right from the Design Platform!
  • Step by Step App Creation
  • Apps are branded to your companies name.
  • All Marketing Materials Included
  • Design to Live in 15 Minutes!
Mobile Website Business

Design For Android

When you design your mobile web app for Android Phones using the same Instant App Wizard design platform, you build once & the web app works on all smartphone devices.

Become a Reseller

Designed for iPhone

Instant App Wizard allows you to create robust native app like functionality without having an iPhone developer account & without having to wait weeks for approval from Apple.

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The great thing about mobile applications and becoming a mobile apps reseller is the value that businesses get and the huge appeal to all kinds of businesses from hoteliers, to retailers, to realtors, bar owners, and garage owners to name but a few.

Instant App Wizard offers a mobile apps turnkey solution suitable for use on mobile websites including contests, competitions, VIP offers, and get directions to your business, for example. Customers can receive alerts via sms text or email etc – as a mobile online app builder, we’ve got everything covered!

Complete Banner Set

Complete Banner Sets Included

We provide all resellers with Banner Sets to Advertise your Mobile App Business to local businesses on the web or in print media for on and offline advertising. All Standard Banner sizes are included but we also provide PhotoShop PSD files so you can customize as you see fit saving you time and money in your advertising efforts.

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Brochures & Flyers

Everything You Need!

Our Marketing Platform Automatically Generates Custom:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • QR Codes

with Your Name and information already populated.

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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

This Jammed Packed Quick Start Guide will have you up and selling Mobile Web Apps in no time and includes:

  • 25 Fast Start Tips
  • How to Qualify Clients
  • Who are the Best Customers
  • How to have them Calling you with no Selling
  • Complete Mobile Website Business
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Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials Included

Although Instant App Wizard makes it easy to use and little to no learning curve our Tutorials will Show you:

  • Apps in 15 Minutes
  • How to Create Custom Table Tents and Signs
  • How to Generate QR Codes in 2 Minutes
  • Our Marketing Platform Wizard

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A Product in Demand with Huge Profit Potential!

Our Resellers are Making Huge Profits with Instant App Wizard and you can too! 1 in 5 Businesses are wanting to get mobilized this year alone! This Demand Creates an Opportunity for those just willing to provide the Solution to Local Businesses. Imagine Offering Clients Not only a Mobile Web App but an Integrated Marketing Platform. This alone Sells Itself! Start your own mobile website business today with Instant App Wizard.


We Make it Easy for Reseller's To Profit!

  • All the Marketing Materials Needed
  • Text Mockups right to your Clients Cell Phone
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Potential
  • Awesome Support
  • Complete Branded Solution
  • Build Today Sell Tomorrow

The Market is There & The Time is Now!

Listen to one of our resellers who built and sold his first Mobile Web Apps in the first 48 hours after signing up for our Resellers Platform.

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2.7 Billion Dollar Industry

That's right 2.7 Billion Dollars will be spent this year by Small Businesses getting mobilized! By 2015, mobile commerce will reach $119 billion worldwide. 50% of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. When you are able to explain this to local businesses they realize that they have to get Mobilized and its a matter of you or someone else offering them the service. It might as well be you!

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